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The Chow / Chun Art style of Chinese Kempo

Go Shin Jitsu or as follows - Goshinjutsu, Goshin Ryu , Goju Ryu, Kyo Kushin, Kosho Ryu Kenpo is a term which is used to refer to the hard styles of Karate. As we know, Kenpo is of the hard styles and Kempo is of the hard and soft style that was created by the Great Grandmaster William K.S. Chow also known as "the Thunderbolt", but to some of the old students and friends he was simply the "Professa". The present day systems and most which mirrors American Kenpo Karate actually evolved from the harder and powerful Kenpo Karate which was also taught by Grandmaster Chow of Honolulu. Chow believed in the development of mind and body and concentrated on “the parts of your body that will be usually used in combat or self defense situations". Chow's was the development of his hands, his knuckles were proof. The creativity was and is the original from the combining of Kenpo, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Lua and a sprinkling of effective techniques from other arts to make up the bases for the Hawaiian Kenpo or Hawaiian Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo, thus the Chinese Kempo is created. Through the training years of Grandmaster Chow, his techniques were similar to the training requirements of the harder Shotokan type Karate. These are the teachers and instructors that had some influence on Grandmaster Chow…..GoGen Yamaguchi, aka "the cat", (Japanese-Goju Ryu),Gichin Funakoshi, (Founder), Okinawan Shotokan, Mas Oyama, (Founder), Korean¬Japanese Kyokushin and the Great Grandmaster James Mitose, (22nd Generation), Japanese-Kosho Ryu Kenpo, Wally Jay (small circle) and Okasaki (Jujitsu).

Thus, the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo is introduced. Grandmaster Chow liked the sound of Go Shin Jitsu-Kai Chinese Kempo or as it was originally called Dian Hshue Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo Kai. Grandmaster Chow dropped the Dian Hshue to allow for the inclusion of the use of more vital points. The Kenpo changed to Kempo was Chow's way of showing the Chinese background without excluding the Okinawan influence to the system. As of today the creativity of Kenpo/Kempo has its lineage and the Sijo Emperado of the Kajukenbo Kenpo/Kempo, Grandmaster Edmund Parker of the Parkers Kenpo/Kempo Karate, was students of the Great Grandmaster Chow. As years past Grandmaster Wm. Chow in 1976 turned over the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo Karate system to William Chun, Sr. From this, Professor Chun, Sr. began modifying his method of teaching. Professor Chun, Sr. realized the exact execution of techniques that worked for Grandmaster Chow would not work for everyone. What Grandmaster Chow and Professor Chun, Sr. had developed as Kara¬ho, now became only Kara-ho in name. Note: A dream of his father (Chow) had a big impact on Grandmaster's Chow's Kara-ho, (Chinese Kempo). This gave Grandmaster Chow his own art style to call his own. Kenpo/Kempo is .the hard and soft styles of creativity. Chow and Chun, Sr. modifications of the three elements for the effectiveness of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo system became the basis of the original Kara-ho methods. (Chinese Kempo).

The characters of ones ability has to be indirect with one of the element characters of the Kara-ho method of the double breakage or crushing of limbs. Grandmaster Chow and Professor Chun, Sr. had developed the movements and motions of each characters of the Kara-ho art style of Chinese Kempo. The Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo method had the character of the hard and the Chinese Kempo had the soft which time the Hawaiian Lua was incorporated into this art style of Kenpo/Kempo. Kara-ho is born.
Bill Chun, Jr. learned the modification and creativity of this art style that was bestowed to him by both the Great Grandmaster Professa Chow and his father Professor Chun, Sr. Today is evident in the journey Bill Chun, Jr. is on. He's been recognized in the affords of unity in the Association of the Kenpo/Kempo Unity Connections that he has created and brought together the Kenpo/Kempo roots such as the Kosho Ryu instructed by Thomas Mitose Soke and the American Kenpo instructed by Sensei Edmond Parker, Jr. He's brought together harmony and balance without being Political or Prejudice of his lineage and from his roots. The effort from the lineage and roots of Kenpo/Kempo has shown that the art style of the hard/soft is and will be taught and represented by the understanding of your roots. Chun, Jr. has the understanding of the moves and motions which becomes of ones character and this is one of the points in the true art style of development and creativity. (Physical was Grandmaster Chow and Spiritual was Great Grandmaster J. Mitose), Chun, Jr., grew up learning these two conceptualism that became instrumental to the Kenpo/Kempo that Grandmaster Professa Wm. Chow had developed through the years of studying and understanding of his art style of the Chinese Kempo. Being instructed and taught by both men, Grandmaster Chow and Professor Chun, Sr., Master Chun, Jr. is qualified to teach and demonstrate the art style of the hard/soft of Kenpo/Kempo and they are The Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo – aka Kara-Ho – aka Dian Hshue, Patience, Timing and Accuracy. Master Chun Jr. teaches with Harmony, Humble, Respect and Love, and he believes when we are taught to protect our self and our ohana we then learn and have the discipline to not have to use it and if we need to use what we were taught, then we use the containment arts and not the killing.

Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/ChineseKempo Kai Federation KenpolKempo Unity Connection Association Master Chun, Jr. President

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