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 Certified Black Belts in the
Go Shin Jitsu Kai
Chinese Kempo Federation



John Chun (Lory)

Trained with Great Grandmaster Chow from 1946 - 1969

One of two of Great Grandmaster Chow's boys. Lory was his nickname. John was trained in Great Grandmaster Chows art of self defense. He also traveled the world as a merchant marine. He passed away at sea in 1969.



Professor Willy Peladeau

Willy started training with Grandmaster William Chun Sr. in the early 1960's. Willy was the first student to obtain a Blackbelt under Grandmaster in 1964. He was promoted again in 67 by Grandmaster and in 99 by Master Bill Chun Jr.
In 1993 when Master Bill Chun jr. became successor to the system Willy became Vice President of the Federation until 2010.


Craig Silonia

Craig trained under Grandmaster William Chun Sr from 1963 - 1972.

Otto Schmid

Otto trained under Grandmaster William Chun Sr from 1965 - 1970.

Gene Tony

Gene trained under Grandmaster William Chun Sr from 1964 - 1972.


Master William Q.C. Chun, Junior, -
(Young Master) - Successor/President : 
(9TH -Kyu'u) dan / 10TH Ju'u dan) -  Dian Hsuhe Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo Kai - Chinese Kempo Kai - Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation of America.

Master Bill Chun was born in Hawaii 1953. He started his training at the age of 5 under his father, Grandmaster William Q.C. Chun Sr. At age seven while still living in Hawaii, Great Grandmaster Chow began teaching Professor Chun jr. the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo system that his father started a short time ago. The training he received from his Father and Great Grandmaster Chow developed his patience, discipline, and power.
At age 26 Master Bill Chun earned his black belt from his Father and Great Grandmaster Chow, the two most important men in his life.
As time went on Master Chun continued to learn, train, and test the concepts handed down to him by his two teachers. As Great Grandmaster Chow would say many times to him, "he wanted his mulberry leaves to turn into silk". This being the true test of his training. The long journey was rewarded with Master Bill Chun having mastered both of Great Grandmaster Chow's systems. The only other person to do so besides his father. This accomplishment was also recognized by Great Grandmaster Chow.
After the death of Great Grandmaster Chow in 1987 and his father in 1993, Master Bill Chun took his rightful place as head of the Chow/Chun System.
Today Master Bill Chun continues to share the teachings of his father and Great Grandmaster Chow to private students and to others in seminars and workshops.

Sensee Jacob Goetz

Jacob began training with Grandmaster William Chun Sr. in the late 1980's. He traveled from Stockton, CA. once or twice a week to train. He continued his training with Grandmaster up to Green Belt. In 1993 when Professor Bill Chun Jr. took over he continued his training and received his BlackBelt in 1999, the first BlackBelt under Professor Bill Chun Jr.
Jacob also spent a few years training in submission fighting under Frank Shamrock when the lions den was in the Lodi area. Jacob is now serving in the military.

Sensee Brian Peladeau - Vice President
Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation of America.

Brian began his training under Grandmaster William Chun Sr. in 1991. He trained under him until 1993 and received his purple belt around the same time that Professor Bill Chun Jr was named successor to the system from his father. Brian continued his training with Professor Bill Chun jr. and received his BlackBelt in January of 2005. Brian continues to train with Professor Bill Chun and assists with teaching classes and seminars.

Sensee R. Carreon

Robert (Bobby) Carreon became a student in 1993 after Grandmaster Chun, Sr., had past away and started his journey by contacting Professor Chun, Jr.,
On the night of December. 16, 2010 Robert Carreon became only one of the few that accomplished this journey and was promoted by Professor Chun, Jr.
Bobby is small, but he's..... a tank," try do the banging of the branches with him and you'll see... he will show his development of why his blocks is effective"




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