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Due to a very large number of emails received by Master Bill Chun, Jr., asking for his feedback and advice concerning plans to move the gravesite of Professor William K.S. 'Thunderbolt' Chow, Master Chun, Jr. has decided to post this response to answer those who have asked him directly and to others who may share their questions/concern. Here is Master Bill Chun, Jr. response:

Aloha to all of the Kenpo/Kempo clans,

I hope this write up finds all of you in the best of mind and body? I would like to start by saying, “I come to you with open arms and if I was to defend myself or my family Kenpo/Kempo is what I choose to use”. At one time this saying was a controversy piece on who came up with this wonderful description. And through the years it had been rewritten or altered and because of its strong meaning, today it’s still being used by those that believe in this Pledge. Even with all the disagreements and arguing about whom wrote it and yet it still became part of our art style of Kenpo/Kempo. We’ll always have controversy and disagreements on a subject or a person, but, what I see and this is only my own opinion and that is, “everyone has something to share”. The Professa was this person and it’s obvious, because all of us wouldn’t have and be where we are now. But there are some that has a great opportunity and the only thing that can be thought of is, to bother our creator, teacher and friend’s eternal sleep. This is why I’m not here to change or challenge this decision. It’s simple you can have a castle, but remember, there are other rooms in this castle and my room has closure of the memories of both the Professa and my father, William Chun, Sr.

First I would like to extend my Mahalo to all of you that I had the pleasure of either talking with you by phone or via e-mails. You all asked my input on this disturbing of the rest of our Great Grandmaster William K.S. Chow, “Thunderbolt”, also known to me as young as I can remember, ‘the Professa’. And to be direct, true and honest, I was reluctant to say anything simply because, when the first I heard of it, I thought, my goodness after twenty years this is all that can be thought of? Doesn’t the Professa deserve better? When the Professa was among us he was being used and now, is this the way to treat the Professa? The Professa died a poor man and that’s only because of the false promises and hopes.

This is selfish of ones decision to disturb the Professa’s eternal rest and self conscience of oneself’s wrong doing from the past. This decision has no meaning. As we say it in the Hawaiian language or in any other culture language, ‘taboo’. I hope there’ll be a good and the right kahuna (priest) to say the correct pule (prayer)? Other questions that have been mentioned to me: no one’s business, bad area, weeds, no head stone, hard reaching Chow’s ohana, and it goes on. Sorry to have to tell you this, but it’s EVERYONE”S BUSINESS, especially those that are under the Chow/Chun Art Style of Chinese Kempo, also to the other branches, lineage and offshoots of the Kenpo/Kempo world, and to his friends and students that were loyal and loved the Professa in many different ways. This might be hard for some of you to believe or understand. But, next time listen to someone else’s memories and stories and then listen to your heart and focus on what you need to see. Example: The Kenpo/Kempo Unity Memorial for the Professa and the Plaque. Not much to some, but I am pleased because the support received from the clans of other branches, lineage and offshoots, were there in their true form without prejudice or political reason’s, they had set aside their pride for that moment and to show the respect for the Professa. And for some of us that don’t have the materialistic or monetary means, have other ways, Unity! And this is also why the Plaque was possible. Even though there were some disrespectful words spoken about what we were doing to honor our beloved Professa, I ignored this simply because, “IT WAS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS”. I didn’t do wrong to the Professa and when that was said, I just remembered the word, “devil”, the Professa would use this word in describing those that he either don’t or didn’t trust and for the ones that pulled one off on him, well….it goes on! “We share, no steal and we give, no take”. The Plaque was simply to show that there’s a place that the Professa loved besides going for a ride around the island and stopping to get some eats, then go to Keana Point or Haleiwa beach and while they ate, you do the sand development and water strengthening of the legs. At the YMCA there will be all ages from young and old, martial artists and just people in general will have a chance to look up and not down, to see the Professa and see why he was placed there. “I can look up at the Professa, not stand over him and look down at the ground”. And if I can go back a little, the words, “not reasonable”, was used in the Plaque presentation in honor of the Professa and I guess….bothering the Professa’s eternal rest…is?

Final Thoughts

I’m not here to challenge anyone’s decision of doing something in the respects to the Professa, but merely being the other watch dog. I know what happened in the past and I don’t hold that against anyone, because I’m hoping to show an art style that shouldn’t have selfish within and also now it seems to me, the Chun’s will always be different in the ways of protecting our creator. And this,” I share the blame”. I also matured through the years and I bucked up and good thing I did. If there’s going to be some insults and blaming of others, then I’ll be the first to say, I will take my blame and my insults and the past is between me, my Akua, Thunderbolt and my Father.

Next time have a gathering and a luau. Then maybe a clean up crew can be formed and make sure the decision this time will be the correct one. Then get the head stone, (which I thought was done already). Hell, I’ll even chip in for the head stone. Wasn’t there suppose to be a group that was supposed to have said, “They take care of the Professa estate and affairs”? 20 years! And here’s a little advice, if you really knew the Professa, then let him sleep. And continue having your own group get together and try to learn the true meaning of our Creators Kempo. I hope everyone Lokomaika’i.

Aloha po ho okahi hou Professa.

Bill Chun, Jr.

This write up is NOT up for discussion and was to show respect to those that cared.


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