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This is a response from Master Bill Chun Jr. regarding the post on Kenponet.com about who is teaching Professor Chows Kempo.

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The letter below is a response to the section posted by Sam Kuoha.



Aloha To All Kenpo/Kempo Students

I didn’t come on this site to bash anyone. I am here to clear up a few minor things. My name is Bill Chun, Jr. I am a student of the late Grandmaster Chun, Sr. and the late Great Professa William K.S. Chow.

This is for the record; I had never heard the name, Sam Kuoha, until 1986.

In 1986 I had the privilege to go and see the Professa, by the order of Grandmaster Chun, Sr. I went to see if the Professa was OK and to see if he was still angry at Grandmaster Chun, Sr. It is only because of a misunderstanding about loyalty and love. The refusal of the high rank of 11th degree by Grandmaster Chun, Sr., upset the Professa. But what the Professa told me was, “This will protect Daddy”. During this visit is the first time I heard the name, Sam Kuoha.

Before I left Honolulu, Professa gave me this number to call and told me to give this person this message, “Why you claim 9th degree? Why you no pay my money?” and “Why you no call?” This is the Professa’s exact words. But before I can give the rest of the message, this guy from San Diego just brought memories on how the Professa was always being used. He Hung UP!!

Well what kind of person do you think would do that? I can think of a few, but I knew what he wasn’t.

As time has passed, I have had a great chance to meet some of the finest people and students of our art. One of these great people is a celebrity. I was excited to meet him, Yamashita Hanshi. What a nice person and good in his style. He even shared a story with me about him and SK that made a lot of justice for the Professa.

All I have to say about the meeting of Sam Kuoha in a Sacramento Seminar is: PLEASE!!

This is for Sam and his bodyguard; “I apologize for the story about our meeting in Sacramento. I didn’t know there was discussion of our meeting until later. You both saw my face and when I was being trained, I had to keep my mouth shut, but my best comes out when I Put Up! It is too bad you refused to attend our beloved Professa’s event, but there is still time.”

This is the reason why, we as the Go Shin Jitsu Kempo/Chinese Kempo students are going to continue teaching and create my Grandmaster and the Professa’s Style of Kenpo/Kempo.

Also, because of this waste of energy, I, Bill Chun, Jr., title, Master, in this style, does not consider Sam Kuoha, with paper proof and all, a true successor to the Greatness of Professa Thunderbolt Chow.

In closing I want to thank everyone and to make this clear, there is no more to say.

Respect to all, I will never go or be over Professa Chow and be the level of Grandmaster Sr., So I am not a Professa or a Grandmaster.

Mahalo, Aloha,
Master Chun, Jr.













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