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Spirit of Lo Kahi Message from Sifu Bill Chun Jr Regarding the
October 4, 2014
, Kenpo/Kempo Spirit of Lo Kahi Event.

My deepest appreciation to Soke Thomas B. Mitose and his son and successor Hanshi Mark Mitose of the traditional Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Karate.
This event of the Kenpo/Kempo Lo' kahi was given the opportunity again to experience the return of Soke T.Mitose, Hanshi M. Mitose and Sifu (Master) Chun, Jr. From the young too the adults all the practitioners had a long day with 3 hours in each session. Soke Mitose shared his history and then with a number of techniques. After his event there was a roar of appreciation....great stuff Soke. It's been a rough road at times, but Soke stays focus on his journey and continue his ohana heritage. There's a word in Hawaiian that has a strong meaning when it's used and that is the...koko, which means blood! Others can use all the tricks and use the old paper technique with these can be true/false, but it can't take away the true meaning of the human blood and gens. I was taught the Fist of Law/Empty Hand and the Chinese or China Hand in regards to our Kenpo/Kempo art styles which has the conditions of the Rules/Regulations and the By-Laws. 

So, I thank you Soke and Hanshi for your generous time from your ohana and for the wonderful time teaching the future students of the correct ways of the Kosho-Ryu Kenpo. I understand my history from Chow/Chun, Sr. and they always....always said, you protect and defend your rights in the belief in our roots and for those who believe in a different way, I have only one free advise, when and if you see this write up, don't send me your thoughts unless it's about our art and I don't need the demons and devils to try too justify their own bad habits without hearing our ways and stories and through my journey I've seen these things that's happening and it's a disgrace to the Mitose and Chow lineage.

Continue....A huge and a big MAHALO to Sensee/Shihan John James, who has been a Federation member since 2005 and the Vice-Pres. in 2011 of the Lo' kahi Association in which he has demonstrated and proven to the Kenpo/Kempo Federation of the Chow/Chun,Sr., art style and that your loyalty to the roots of the Mitose and Chows lineage. Though you have been through negative support cause of your true meaning of the Fist of Law your time and effort that you have sacrificed is beyond the test of the Empty Hand and for this you can be proud and stand tall with your understanding that you have brought back of the true meaning of your roots in the Kenpo/Kempo art form of styles through The Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo and the Lo' Kahi Associates of Littleton, Mass. THANK YOU!  And for members Sensee Dennis Coffey and Sensee David Pinney, you have displayed your loyalty and your beliefs in your journey with your hard work and your dedication, great job on the event, you all have displayed the Fist of Law to Soke T. Mitose and Hanshi Mark Mitose and that we are on the same track of this simple mission.  This is a special and a BIG ALOHA AND MAHALO TO MRS. DIANE PINNEY FOR HER PART WITH A DELIGHFUL LOBSTER DINNER and TO THE OTHERS WHO TOOK PART IN THIS SURPRISING FEAST, WE AND I SAY.....mmmm, maika'i loa (very good), ono!

The USA Karate of Somerset, Mass., under the guidance of Sensee/Shihan Shannon Nadeau. A member of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Federation and serves as a Committee Member on the Lo' Kahi Associates of Massachusetts, Sensee Nadeau and the USA Karate dojo has our deepest appreciation and graduate for the full support which I feel could have never happened without the USA Karate Dojo. Mahalo for your loyalty and in your beliefs of your lineage to your roots, you have also displayed your vision to your path and I am honored to have a haumana (student) that can show his ability to adapt to the Chow/Chun, Sr., Methods. Your heart is full a I watch you teach your students and for the ohana, you and your beautiful new bride Alisha is off to a wonderful future....congratulations to the Newly Weds!!!! I'm also, so proud of the USA Karate students for the participation of the October 4 2014 event, you have displayed the Fist of Law and the Empty Hand with honor and loyalty to your roots and I am proud to say, on behave of Great Grandmaster William Chow and Grandmaster William Chun, Sr....Mahalo! 
On a personal note, I'm grateful and proud to have Sensee/Shihan Shannon Nadeau as a student and a friend, keep up on your training and your beliefs of your path and continue teaching your students of their history and of their lineage.

For the Keiki (Children), keep up the good work and listen to your Sensee, I was proud of all of you at the event, you helped me when it came to some of our GSJK Forms and Katas, and because not all of the other students knew these Forms or Katas, you still were all were sharp as the USA Kenpo Karate haumana, and again, Thank You!

The DMA Martial Arts of Marlborough, Mass., under the guidance of Yodan/Sensee Daniel Antila.
This young Sensee/Yodan practitioner whom I had the pleasure meeting in 2002 on one of my first trips to the Massachusetts area was one of the delights of why we do this, I was invited to instruct a workshop at there dojo and if my memories serve me right, I was over whelmed with students, the room filled, I looked around to see if I can find a black belt to help and as I was screening the area it didn't take long, there stood this young man, I walked towards him and asked him if he would mined, if he would take the lower/higher case belts whom were children into the waiting area and as I was instructing them on what I wanted to be worked on, handed the responsibilities with him to insure my instructions was followed and Sensee Antila did just that and I put him in the level of a true practitioner to our roots, Sensee Antila, Thank You!
The Duncan's Martial Arts of Syracuse, New York., under the guidance of Sifu/Soke Rudy Duncan.
What can I say about this next practitioner, Sifu Duncan. I think it was in the late nineties that we first met in California and boy did you come a long way. I hope that you will become a long supporter and a voice in our art of Kenpo/Kempo. Thank you for the support and it was good to see you again.
The Dragon Phoenix Kenpo of Lowell, Mass., under the guidance of Shihan/Sensee Jesse Dewire.
The test continues and thank you, and I enjoyed your students, very entertaining.

The Al Lima's Studios of self Defense of New Hampshire, under the guidance of Shihan Lima, mahalo for your support and thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your thoughts and I hope your arm heals well and again mahalo....Sifu

The Independent Karate of New Hampshire

The Avon Kenpo/Aikido Academy CT.    

and The White Tiger Kenpo,... THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Aloha nui loa,
Sifu Chun, Jr.

Sensee John James Promotion!!

Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Federation

Somerset, Massachusetts
October 20th, 2012

During a recent trip to Somerset, Massachusetts, Sifu Chun, Jr., had the pleasure of promoting one of his Massachusetts’ students. Sifu Chun, Jr. presented a certificate of “Assistant Sensee in the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo art style; This presentation followed a day of Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo workshops instructed by Sifu Chun, Jr. at USA Karate Dojo in Somerset, owned and operated by Sensee (Shihan) Shannon Nadeau. This presentation was presented in the privacy of the GSJK/CKK students of Massachusetts. Those present are the Federation Members and Association Committee.

Sifu Chun, Jr. had awarded his long time friend and student the Assistant Sensee under the guidance of Sifu (Master) Chun, Jr. Sensee James is the first martial artist in the Massachusetts area of the Chow/Chun, Sr Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo method of Self Defense. Sensee James has demonstrated through the years of learning and understanding the “Fist of Law and Empty Hand of Honesty” and the true lineage and history of our Kenpo/Kempo roots of Great Grandmaster Chow. He is also the first student in the Massachusetts area to train in the art style which was created and founded by others that came from the Hawaii Kenpo lineage.
Sensee James is a member of the GSJK/CKK Federation and the Vice- President of the Lőkahi (Unity) Association. Sensee James has traveled to California numerous times to continue his training under Sifu Chun, Jr., and was accepted by his Kenpo seniors, Professor Willy Peladeau, Sensee Brian Peladeau, Sensee Bobby Carreon and Johnny Young. Congratulations Sensee James.

Sifu Chun, Jr has a special message to Sensee James:
You have displayed what a true Kenpo/Kempo artist is all about of the Chow's roots and Chun, Sr. lineage. You have made me proud of showing your courage of finding the truth of what is not real from your past. You showed your forgiveness and allowed yourself to be removed from others that treated you wrongly that didn't know or understand their purpose of how to be a true artist of our art style. You understood my Fist of Law of the Chow/Chun, Sr. ways of...Don't Ask, Don't Cheat and Don't Lie. Now, you are learning how to receive as I will give to those who are worthy and will receive not falsely of the titles or ranks and will carry on by not giving students false hopes. Remember... we serve the weak to protect and defend. Respect and Love...Sifu Chun, Jr.

To All Martial Arts
Train hard and true,
Sifu Chun, Jr.

Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Workshop - Oct 2012

Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Workshop
Instructed by Sifu William Chun, Jr.
USA Karate Dojo
Somerset, Massachusetts
October 19th and 20th 2012

Sifu William Chun, Jr., and his wife, Kathleen, have returned home from a trip to Somerset, Massachusetts, where Sifu Chun, Jr., instructed workshops in the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo System, also referred to as the Chow/Chun Sr. Method of Self Denfense. The workshops were held at the USA Karate Dojo in Somerset, owned and operated by Sensee (Shihan) Shannon Nadeau.

Sifu Chun, Jr. held four workshop sessions beginning on Friday, October 19, 2012. Sifu Chun, Jr. began the weekend with a Women’s Self Defense workshop on Friday, October 19. As a Martial Artist, Sifu Chun, Jr. has a special place in his heart to teach Women’s Self Defense to both non-martial arts students and students training in a martial arts system. Many of the participants brought their husbands, boyfriends, friends, to play the role of the aggressor. Protection Pads were used by the aggressor so the women could really “let loose” and follow Sifu’s instructions and demonstrations. The experience was enjoyed by all and many participants commented and thanked Sifu for his time spent with them. Sifu expressed special thanks to all of the assistants who helped the women with the practice.

Following on Saturday, October 20, 2012 was a full day of workshops. First workshop started early with a children’s class. . Followed at 10:00 am with the teen and adult under belts, along with brown-white and white-black belt students and completing a long day with the Advanced Black Belts of all steps at 1:00pm.

Sifu Chun, Jr. sends this message to everyone who participated in this weekend’s workshop:

“ Mahalo and Aloha to all that participated in this weekend and allowing myself and my students of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Federation to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Chow/Chun, Sr., Method of Self Defense. I want to send a special Mahalo to all the male and females that accompanied their loved ones in the Women's Self Defense session as uki's. These individuals sacrificed their body's to allow their better half to learn how to use what was taught and show how to protect themselves...MAHALO, YOU ALL DID A GREAT JOB!

I wish you all a wonderful life and if our paths never cross again...Block, Punch, Kick, Protect and Defend..
Be safe and take care of each other. “

Aloha nui loa, (Thank you very much)
Sifu Chun, Jr.

Federation Meeting Notes:

Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation

      Once again another step into history for the Kenpo/Kempo art styles of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation and the Lőkahi (Unity) Association. 

     On the day of Saturday, August 18, 2012, a conference call was arranged by both Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation (GSJK/CKK Federation) and Lőkahi Association of Massachusetts and California bases.

     A meeting was held to fill the Board of Directors and Committee members’ seats for both the GSJK/CKK Federation and the Lőkahi Association.  Congratulations to the Board of Directors and the Committee members who were selected or chosen to serve the Kenpo/Kempo art styles of the lineage, branches and roots of the Founder and Creator, Great Grandmaster William K. S. Chow and the Creator/Developer, William Q. C. Chun, Sr. of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation.


The Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation’s Board of Directors

 President: William Q.C. Chun, Jr.
            Master-Head Intructor/Sensee-Teacher

Vice President: Brian Peladeau Black Belt - Sensee

Secretary/Treasurer: Kathleen Chun - Operations Manager

Sergeant of Arms: Robert Carreon  Black Belt Sensee
Assistant: John Young - Green Belt Student

Merchandise Director: John Young

Director of Events: Kathleen Chun and Brian Peladeau
Assistant: John Young

      We look to the future in serving our Kenpo/Kempo heritage of our true roots of “Professa Chow”.

 “I come to you with open arms (Hands),

Weapons I have not (None),

If I was to defend my family and myself,

Kenpo/Kempo is what I chose to use”

Kempo Pledge


Sincerely and Gratitude

Bill Chun, Jr. (Master)
Go Shin Jitsu Kai Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation               

Hansuki Form
To whom it may concern:

My name is William Chun, Jr. It has been brought to my attention concerning the original Art Form of the Hansuki, which was created by William Chun, Sr., whom to many of the East Coast is the Grandmaster of your Branches and is the Roots to William Chow (Great Grandmaster).
This is not a subject of who did what. I have seen the disgrace of what is a sacred form that was not even close to the Hansuki form that only three or at most four true Chow/Chun, Sr. students had learned. It’s just unfortunate that there are so many in the Kenpo/Kempo system that doesn’t know this fine Art.

I remember at one of my seminars, a student asked me, “Master Chun, why is your Kenpo/Kempo different?” I replied back, “It’s the Original Arts Style of the Chow/Chun, Sr. roots, so it’s your Arts Style that has become different.” I knew then that I had a hard road and a lot of work ahead of me. So I guess this will be one of my friendship messages concerning the form Hansuki.

What I understand of this form that comes out of the East Coast is that it doesn’t have any

meaning or character compared to the Original. This is the only difference. From the original form Hansuki, which was created by Grandmaster Chun, Sr., it’s just unfortunate that others don’t respect a true form of creativity. Others use the excuse by saying, ‘They are doing it out of respect for the Creator.’ This is why they do it. But how can one understand what they don’t feel when they are blinded by their own demons. Diluting is what’s being done to this form. I’m writing this message to all Kenpo/Kempo practitioners, ‘Study your Fist of Law and the China/Empty Hand’.

I have met and still keep in touch with many of the East Coast students from all parts of the New England area. I’ve taught and seen really good Kenpo/Kempo practitioners, but I understand the dilemma of being between a hard rock and loyalty. When an Artist uses his brush, he knows that adding will keep the similarity to the original vision.

I never use television, books, DVD’s, or tapes for training of one’s Art Style. I understand my duties as a Representative and Successor to the Chow/Chun, Sr’s lineage and roots. The

International Self Defense Federation/Association will continue to share and educate the future students of the Art Style of Kenpo/Kempo.

This is not up for discussion. We can talk about it, but would we all really understand it? I

learned through my training the hands and feet are not going to be used more than your mind. Which leads to not wasting my energy from, or for one’s point of views of making lies in of one’s own beliefs. When you look at a picture and want to add to this picture, you are not only visualizing, you’re creating from others.

The damage has been done. And for my part, it’s simply correcting who the true creator of the form Hansuki is. And for those who sent their concerns and dismay of what happened to this form, I send my Mahalo (I thank you) for that and want to insure all of you that it’s in good hands.

May all of you be safe and till we get to meet again, god bless and nui loa.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Master Chun, Jr.
To Whom It All Concerned :
My name is William Chun, Jr. I'm writing this in reference to the stealing and with disrespect to my father and two of my uncle's by true blood. In question is the development of the Mountain/Moon Patch that was used without permission though it was in the family for centuries without conditions.
The creator and owner which one is deceased and the other still alive has presented me with a writeup for legal actions. Though this is mentioned in my book, I challenge anyone who thinks they have the rights to the creativity and the meaning to this design.
I understand that in Canada and parts of the United States there has been actions taken by an individual or groups who has schools, dojos, clubs and or studios whom is falsely representing our family creativity of the M/M which is one families and the original meaning belonging to the other family. If this person has the sense of compassion to the true artist of this creativity than do the right thing or it will go to court with prove NOT LIKE YOURS....It would be the original presentation and NOT BY A THIEF.
May you all train hard and true and promote with meaning.
Yours in Kenpo/Kempo
William Chun, Jr.
Go Shin Jitsu Kai / Chinese Kempo Kai Promotions December 2011

Congratulations to Willy Peladeau, Johnny Young, and Richard Millhillon on their Promotions.

Click here Download PDF Summary of the Promotion Event

Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo / Chinese Kempo Kai Promotions

Robert (Bobby) Carreon became a student in 1993 after Professor Chun, Sr., had past away and started his journey by contacting Master Chun, Jr., Robert asked, how to become a student of the Chow/Chun, Sr. art styles of Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo and Chinese Kempo.  Because of his background, Robert was a student from another Kenpo art style and Master Chun, Jr., knew of Bobby.  Master Chun, Jr., saw the desire and dedication Bobby had to become a true Chow/Chun, Sr., student.  Now his efforts has come from these qualities and his loyalty to continue his degree and dan is what will be always his true reasons to expand his journey.  CONGRATULATIONS

 On the night of December. 16, 2010 Robert Carreon became only one of the few that accomplished this journey and was promoted by Master Chun, Jr. President and Head of the Federation and the Association of the Chow/Chun, Sr.  Whom also is the successor to the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo of America.  In the words of Master Chun, Jr....Bobby is small, but he's..... a tank," try do the banging of the branches with him and you'll see... he will show his development of why his blocks is effective".  He became not only a student, he became a good friend through the years and showed his achievements with hard work and I was and it is my honor to have been his instructor/teacher and friend.  God speed Bobby and continue your journey with Harmony, Humble, Respect and Love and have peace and remember...teach HARD and TRUE.  Master/Professor Chun, Jr.

Also that night John Young  was promoted to Blue Belt, he also has been with the Federation since the mid 90's and he has the passion and heart to continue to become a great student of the Chow/Chun, Sr. art style of Kenpo/Kempo.  Johnny has the discipline and dedication to complete his journey to becoming one of the Representatives for the Black Belt level and to teach the art style with true meaning and it will be my honor to present this when the time comes and he also became a good friend and his passion and love for his wife and his daughters are the example of becoming a great advisor and one of the leaders in the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Federation.  Johnny you have made me proud and it's always great teaching you and watching you become silk.  Master/Professor Chun, Jr.

 Brian Peladeau was given and promoted the 2ND/3rd degree from Professor Chun, Jr. on the night of December. 6, 2010.  Sensee Peladeau has been Chun, Jr. student and a friend along the years of family relations through his father whom was the first black belt promoted in the art style of Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo Karate by the late Great Grandmaster Chow and Grandmaster Chun, Sr. in the 60's.  Sensee Peladeau was also presented the Vice President position by Professor Chun, Jr.  Brian have and has the train hard and true meaning and his loyalty goes way beyond.  He is a good friend and student, his pride and beliefs makes him not only a good provider for his ohana, but the understanding of other art styles and he continues to show his character in the Chow/Chun, Sr., Kenpo/Kempo.  Mostly mahalo for the use of your garage dojo and keep up the journey with Harmony and continue your advancement on your upcoming multiple attacks of Self Defense.  You'll always be true to your growth, but the love you have for your forefathers goes unnoticed and my love for you and the ohana has always had meaning to my ohana....Professor Chun, Jr. and your friend Bill.

 You folks have a great Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou...be safe and I'll see all of you next year.
Professor Chow Memorial DVD Now Available!


The KENPO/KEMPO LŐ KAHI ASSOCIATION honored its Kenpo/Kempo roots and heritage by celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the legendary Professor William K.S. ‘Thunderbolt’Chow.
 Professor Chow is singularly responsible for over 90 percent of all Kenpo/Kempo systems being taught in the United States today. To best honor his legacy, the KENPO/KEMPO LŐ KAHI ASSOCIATION invited the major offshoots of his teachings to demonstrate their respective Styles. See the past and present instructors from branches which extended from the lineage of William K.S. Chow, (Professor): Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo, Chinese Kempo, (Karaho), Kajukenbo, American Kenpo Karate, Shaolin Kenpo, representatives of the NCK and a special appearance from Kosho-Ryu Kenpo. This event made history without prejudice or a political view. The DVD represents sharing of techniques, forms, and Katas of the old and now.

This DVD is a compilation of all the Seminars taught that day by the representatives of their respective Systems. This DVD is a wonderful COLLECTOR’S ITEM documenting the celebration of one of the greatest Kenpo/Kempo Masters to have ever lived.
Price - $19.99 + tax /Shipping & Handling (price is in US Funds)
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Welcome Payton Kalawika Remick!

"Master Chun and Kathleen are proud and happy to announce the birth of their first grandchild. Their Grandson, Payton Kalawika Remick, was born on February 1st, (4 weeks early) at 6 lbs 1 oz, 19 inches long. Their daughter, son-in-law, and grandson are healthy and happy at home. Master Chun and Kathleen are enjoying their new role of being grandparents very much!!"


Kenpo Ohana 2009

Master Bill Chun Jr. will be presenting at the 2009 Kenpo Ohana in Santa Rosa, CA on the weekend of September 18th. See details and flyers at this website http://www.kenpo-ohana.com/


" Chun meets Chung ", 2009

On our vacation trip to Oahu my wife Kakalina and I had a great time visiting ohanas and friends and of course the grinds (food), and the other things you do when visiting the islands. This trip was also extra special, I finally got to say aloha to Jacob Chung and to meet his wife Patricia Chung. I first saw Jacob back in 1986 of January when Jacob was Professas Grandmaster and one of the last true Kara Ho haumana (student). Jacob was doing some chores for the Professa and at that time I couldn't say aloha to Jacob simply because he was in training, and those things don't change and though I wanted to meet Jacob, but I fully understood this, the Professa automatically was telling me about Jacob. Professa cared for him and said, " he was a good boy " , and with the same breath mentioned he like your daddy, true and hard, you come like that and with a golf ball like in my throat I muttered something, like a fish choking. The Professa continue to say that Jacob," knows my Kara Ho Kempo ". He started to grumbled some words and names and stated about the others (names withheld), speck with fork tongue and they change my art style of Chinese Kempo. Jacob, no changam.....he train with me long time, he like my son....though the Professa has a birth son name Steven Chow.

The meeting of Chun and Chung simply came by e-mail from Jacob sending and giving our Ohana nui a mahalo for the plaque that was dedicated to our Grandmaster Chow at the Nuuanu YMCA in Honolulu. I had a chance to contact Jacob and talked story for a while and thn I mention to Jacob that my wife and I will be in Oahu in April of this year. So I finally got to say aloha to Jacob and too meet his wonderful wife Patricia. Jacob brought us to a restaurant in Honolulu and had some great grinds and talked a lot about the Professa and things simple and things that I missed in talking story with our clan and the things I can relate too. But, I saw some of the pain that still lingers in our Kenpo/Kempo Martial Arts honua of our Grandmaster Chow, but I told Jacob, we still here and for those who and what they did, they might think they have what it takes, but there will always be their McDonald type groups. I will train hard and true and we both understood and knew who we are in our Grandmaster Chow's art style. And my thoughts of Jacob, well... not to go into another story...SIMPLY THE PROFESSA WAS RIGHT!! And as of today, Jacob and I still stays in contact.

Mahalo to Jacob and his wife Patricia and aloha to all of our Kenpo/Kempo haumana nui.

Bill and Kakaklina Chun

Pictured Left Jacob Chung and Bill Chun Jr. on the Right Patricia Chung and Kakaklina Chun

Video of Chow on the Internet

Aloha ohana of Kenpo/Kempo,

There's a form (kata)... to some, that was brought to my attention concerning a video of the Professa (Chow), doing a form that was put on John Bishop's site (see link below) though I never met Mr. Bishop and this was the first time I had the pleasure to see what was put on a John Bishop site and it brought back some memories of this form. It also feels great to know that when I saw this clip it was like a ton of ice melting, because of the things I have heard years ago about the Professa not doing Forms/Katas. Mahalo Mr. Bishop. It delights me to see that what I know of this form and how it was developed and created by the Professa and my father William Chun, Sr. The year was 1955 - to present..... because we still teach this form of the tension internal developing of ' ikaika ' (powerful-force), if you look carefully at the Professa's breathing then it should be simple to see from the movement to his motions it has the ' ikaika '. This form has two versions of the second and third moves and motions of " Tension Form 2 and 3 ", which later was labeled as " Climb of the mountain and Top of the mountain ", the reason of these creative forms was to combine the hard with the soft of the Japanese and Chinese influence of our art style, but the Hawaiian Lua was later added to identify the Professa's Chinese Kempo everything else was just respect of the other arts that he liked. My father knew the lua, but he kept it behind his teaching the ways of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo Kai, ' he understood that one has to develop his or hers inner self before adding what you don't understand of your character '. As for myself, I learned lua.... not studied it to the fullness, it was too sacred and for me to learn what was taught was fine enough for me, because being from Hawaiian Heritage I felt you have to understand when it was being used of the lua techniques....it was very effective!

Mahalo to all.... for allowing me to have a chance to say things about the Professa and Chun, Sr. Here is another adjustment in our art style.....The Professa is my Great Grandmaster.....My Father is my Professor.

Note :
This write up is by NO means to disrespect anyone or to prove anything.... it was just something I felt all of my branches lineage to our roots it would help and to know that my developing was to share and if some of you feel it's important to use this for your own selfishness than at least mention..... " The Chow/Chun method of Kenpo/Kempo....Give my Instructor and Teacher the credit..... It belongs to them not you or me ". I'm a student and a warrior of the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai art style. The castle was built already and now it's time to show how much of these instructors and teachers that how much they really meant to all of us. Because to be honest, for most of you.... your instructor or teacher was a student as for all of us. How you keep your room in this castle organized it's your choice, but " understand others before making judgment ". Professa once said, ' Demons become Devils ''.

Aloha and Mahalo Aikane,
Bill Chun, Jr.

Professa Video Link - http://www.kajukenboinfo.com/kaju_chow_kata_320.wvx


Seminar in MA - October 17 & 18, 2008
Kenpo/Kempo Lo Kahi Seminar - October 3 & 4, 2008 in CA

Master Chun will be teaching at the Kilohana - Kufferath Masters Seminar

June 7, 2008 in Cambell,Ca

Click here for more info http://www.kilohana.org/masters.htm

Thank You & Holiday Greeting Message

This is Master Chun, Jr. I want to thank all of you of our roots to the Great Grandmaster Chow's art style of the Chinese Kempo and to all of you that supported the Kenpo/Kempo Unity Association on a wonderful event of seminars and workshops. To the supporters of the off shoots, mahalo! For the teachers/instructors of their lineage through their fathers....you have my utmost appreciation for your true understanding of our roots and I had the honor to be in the presence of all that I have met on my journey this year, mahalo.
I hope in time all of us will be as one and honor the Professa's art style of Kempo without prejudice or who knew who....better, I promise this, the Professa wasn't blind....so, let us not be blind.
Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka Hauoli Makahiki Hou, ( Merry Christmas Happy New Year ).
Be safe and train hard and true.

Aloha, Master Chun, Jr.

Kenpo/Kenpo Unity Connection Seminar
Saturday September 22, 2007 Westford, Massachusetts
For a Summary of the Event Click Here

Professor Chow Plaque Dedication New Update!

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