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Kenpo/Kempo Unity Connection
September 22, 2007
Westford, Massachusetts

The Kenpo/Kempo Unity Connection held on September 22, 2007 was a huge success in more ways than one. The event was sponsored by the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai Federation (Master Chun, Jr.) and the Kenpo/Kempo Unity Association. The event was a near sell out and the evening dinner had sold out much in advance of the event. The event was attended and supported by Martial Artists from the New England area, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Nebraska, and Quebec-Canada. At the end of the event, everyone that attended had nothing but good, positive things to say, it was enjoyed by all, instructors and students.

Master Chun, Jr’s desire for this 1st annual event is to educate Martial Artists of the Kenpo/Kempo lineage to the originating roots of the Kenpo/Kempo art styles. This event was the first event of this context to be in the New England area and is being titled the “1st Annual” with plans of another Unity Seminar at least once a year in the New England area and to continue to promote Kenpo/Kempo, the art of creativity. The Guest Instructors were very well received by the area participants.

The guest instructors were instrumental and informative of their Father’s art styles of Kenpo/Kempo.

Thomas Mitose, Soke, demonstrated the Kosho-Ryu Kenpo as taught by his father, Grandmaster James Mitose. Grandmaster Mitose was assisted by his students/black belts, Mark Mitose, Ken Torres, and Sigung Rob Peladeau.

Edmund Parker, Jr., demonstrated American Kenpo as taught by his father, Edmund Parker, Sr. Sensei Parker was assisted by his students/black belts

Master Bill Chun, Jr., demonstrated the GoShin Jitsu Kenpo and Chinese Kempo as taught to him by both his father, Professor William Chun, Sr., and Grandmaster William K.S. Chow. Sensei Wilfrid Peladeau also attended. Sensei Peladeau is Professor Chun, Sr.’s good friend and protégé and the first black belt promoted in the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo Kai by Professor Chun Sr. Master Chun was assisted by his student/black belt, Brian Peladeau. Master Chun also had the opportunity to demonstrate with students of his GSJK/CKK Federation students, Shihan John James of Massachusettes and Shihan Clermont Poulin of Quebec, Canada. Another Federation student, Sensei Tom Scott of Nebraska, was also instrumental to Master Chun in his participation/assistance at the event.

Master Chun sends much ALOHA and MAHALO to all of the participants that supported this Unity Seminar event. A special Mahalo to special guests, Sensei’s Albert and Mike Peladeau of the Shotokan lineage of Rhode Island. Master Chun would also like to give a special MAHALO to the following Martial Artists for supporting this event, supporting previous events, and for representing their Kenpo-Kempo in a very honorable way, Shihan John James, Shihan Clermont Poulin, Shihan Craig Seavy, Jessie Dwire, Rudy Duncan, Maryanne Weeden, Richard Nedich, Dan Anttila, David Chlapowski, and many more. Mahalo!! Also a mahalo to the staff of World Martial Arts Federation, Jackie and Cheryl, for their support.

Following are a few photos of the event and the dinner. The dinner was enjoyed by all and the food was delicious. Enjoy the photos. Click Here for Photos See Our Techniques section for video clips from the seminars.

Aloha and Mahalo

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